Facilitating The Detection of Cognitive Impairment

An estimated 50 million people worldwide are affected by dementia. With the ageing population this number is expected to increase to 152 million people by 2050.

Current diagnostic procedures are time-consuming, expensive and inaccessible.

neso technology will change this by creating a wearable device that identifies early signs of cognitive decline.

Remote monitoing of patients wellbeing

Health care professionals will receive regular updates of any changes in cognitive function. Our wearable technology will enable repeated measurements over longer time periods.

Non-invasive without side effects

Invasive procedures such as collection of blood or cerebral spinal fluid are not necessary. Patients do not need to be exposed to harmful radiation or radioactive tracer molecules.

Earlier treatment

An accurate diagnosis in early stages is critical to prevent further progression of the disorder.

Saving time and resources

Our technology will allow clinicians to use their precious time more efficiently. Expensive and time-consuming MRI, PET or CT scans will not be necessary.