Providing cutting-edge technology for auditory cognitive assessments

Recording auditory-evoked potentials can be challenging, requiring precise synchronization of hardware components and expertise. The Neso StimBox facilitates the process of auditory cognitive assessments, making it accessible to both clinical and research settings.

Neso StimBox

The Plug & Play solution for the recording of auditory-evoked potentials.

Auditory Cognitive Assessments

The Process


Load the.wav files on your USB Stick


Connect the StimBox to the EEG amplifier


Press the button to start the stimulation

Neso StimBox

  • Accurate presentation of auditory stimuli and trigger pulses
  • Portable system with fast and easy setup
  • No need to use additional software for stimulus presentation (e.g. PresentationĀ®, E-Prime)
  • Including LED lights indicating the progress of stimulus protocol
  • USB stick support for loading wav files and custom stimulus protocols
  • Suitable for clinical and research purposes
We offer setup assistance and a 3-month trial period free of charge.

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